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Lighting & Control

iTrust Electrical offers a full range of indoor & outdoor lighting solutions for your home.  We can assist with lighting design, upgrades, replacement and new lighting installations. 

Take advantage of iTrust’s experience in brightening up homes, making living areas more appealing and inviting, and applying lighting as an additional layer to your home’s security.  

Wether you need to brighten your kitchen by replacing existing incandescent  or fluorescent lighting with today’s bright and efficient  LED , our you just want to add LED strip lighting under, in and/or above your kitchen cabinets, contact iTrust. We provide insight, guidance and expert recommendations to help you to maximize the return on your investment. 

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Design & Planning

To achieve the best return on investment and minimize buyer’s remorse, proper planning and well-thought designs are critical.  Whether you are brightening up a dark home,  adding cabinet lighting, or starting from scratch for a new build-out, iTrust can provide you with the proper level of design to achieve your goals to maximize your project results.  

Let our years of experience on hundreds of lighting projects both in and outside the home benefit your project. We have vast experience in LED upgrades, light layering, automation and control just to name a few.

Fixtures & Installation

iTrust Electrical electricians have installed a multitude of light fixtures inside and out.  We are experts a “fishing” wire where possible but perform clean patchable surface when we have to cut drywall.  iTrust also has in-house drywall repair expertise for our lighting installs as an additional service.

In situations where a client would like an addition switch for existing lighting, running wire is not even needed as we employ many of the wireless companion switches and dimmers on the market.

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Lighting Control & Automation

iTrust Electric is a certified Lutron Gold partner specializing in the installation and configuration of the RadioRA3 and Caseta lighting control and automation solutions. With RadioRA 3:

  • your family will always come back to a well-lit home.

  • You can schedule lights inside and outside your home to come on at a specific time of day, even timing them around the rising or setting of the sun.

  • The system will ensure the lights come on without fail and automatically adjust when the seasons change and you gain or lose an hour with daylight savings time.

  • Use voice commands using an intelligent assistant- Siri or Alexa

Leverage iTrust Electrical’s seasoned professionals to make your home’s lighting more functional, appealing and efficient inside or out….


Project Overviews, Considerations, & Other Pertinent Information

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