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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions

iTrust electricians install a wide range of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in garages, car ports or other areas. The EV charger installations range from dedicated 240 receptacles to support Tesla’s on-board mobile charger to installing Tesla and other manufacturers’ mobile charging stations. Our GA Master Licensed Electrician will professionally install the Electric Vehicle Charger solution that best matches your needs.


The 240 lines eliminate the need for long extension cords and also cut the charging time of your car in half. When using the charging equipment sold with your car, you’ve likely experienced charging times that take eight hours or longer. This rate isn’t indicative of the actual charging capability of your car. The amount of energy transferred from the charging cord to your car is dependent upon the cord, breaker, and receptacle you’re using. A new, dedicated 240 line and receptacle will increase the speed at which your car charges, getting you out on the road more quickly. For Teslas’, the optimal set-up for charging is a 240 line with a Tesla wall connector on a 60 amp breaker. iTrust’s electricians are Tesla recommended installers and have also installed multiple other manufacturers’ Electric Vehicles. Our electricians can safely install your home charging station and help you to achieve your car’s full charging capability.

Electric Vehicle Charging Services included with each install

Review your service amps

Check your control panel for available breaker space Perform a load calculation analyzing your normal loads to determine the available power for charging Determine how to run the required power to the designated charging spaceRecommend charging options to maximize your miles per hour of charge or minimize cost.

Tap the panel and run high gauge copper wire from the control panel to the desired charging location in the garage. Sometimes this requires going through crawl spaces or finished basements to the garage. Install new 50 or 60 amp breaker in the panel depending on which method you choose for charging. He breaker has to be rated at 120% of the amps per code. Mount and wire receptacle or Wall Connector to the garage wall in desired

Test circuit and amp draw

Show client how to charge the Tesla and if its a Wall Connector how to use on your phone take this out “Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions Dedicated Home Theaters can run the spectrum from very basic gaming and movie rooms, to elaborate, commercial movies house experiences and more. iTrust offers a full breadth of home theater services. From turnkey unfinished basement design and build services”


Island, Bar & Pantry

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Our contracting services for full basement buildout include:
• Basement Design
• Project Management
• Framing, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Drywall and Flooring


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