Position title
Electrical Apprentice

Entry-level position for high school graduates looking to enter the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle (EV) industry.  iTrust Electrical is searching for candidates who:

  • Can't be tied down to a desk staring at screen all day
  • Prefer use the mind and body to 'do' things
  • Are technically-minded and proven problem solvers
  • Enjoy working with their hands and derive satisfaction a job well done
  • Enjoy working with others
  • Like to design,make,  build, repair, and/or improve things in their spare time (e.g. motorcycles, bikes, robotics, drones, cars, woodworking, or other maker hobbies),
  • Have an interest in becoming a licensed electrician and taking advantage of the growing shortage of electricians.

The position would assist and work under the direction of a licensed electrician performing a variety of residential and commercial electrical work including:

  • Installing electric vehicle charging solutions (e.g. Tesla, Ford Lightning, Rivian, Lucide and other manufacturers Class 2/3 charging solutions.
  • Other work would include main panel, and service upgrades; hole-home surge protectors, lighting control solutions, LED lighting, and other line volt related services.

Performing daily residential electrical tasks including :

  • Troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Gathering client-specific information, proposing solutions and generating estimates
  • Independently performing service delivery and installations
  • Ensuring code compliance
  • Recommending and installing relevant smart home solutions for lighting and security
  • Additional consideration provided for candidates with a background in Audio/Video installation, smart home experience as well as security and surveillance solutions.
  • High School Graduate
  • A smart, mature, and technically-minded individual who enjoys working with their hands and tools.
  • Fast learner, possessing basic problem-solving skills, technical knowledge, and communication skills.
  • A self-disciplined and responsible person who is self-motivated prefers doing things to the best of their ability and enjoys learning every day.
  • A passion for the latest developments in technology, electronics, and automation
  • Takes pride in work and results
  • Must be comfortable working on ladders, in attics, crawl spaces, and in homes and on job-sites.
  • Quick learner and abstract thinker who is challenged but what they don't know.
  • Interested in working in a small, dynamic business environment and dealing well with rapid change.
  • Basic understanding of electrical principles and concepts.
Job Benefits


  • Full time M-F, occasional Saturdays.
  • Healthcare, Dental & Vision with the employer contributing $300 per month
  • Six paid holidays
  • Two weeks paid vacation

Hit Reply and follow the directions to submit a cover letter and your CV/resume.  Or reach out directly to admin@itrusthomeservices.com

Employment Type


Beginning of employment


Duration of employment

Full Time

Job Location

3535 Trotters Drive, Alpharetta, GA, 30004, USA

Working Hours
8-5 Monday thru Friday, minimal Saturday work required.

Base Salary

$16-$25 Per hour

Valid through
July 31, 2023
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