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Electrical Service Upgrades

In the past 30 years, there has been a dramatic change in home size and electrical device use. Homeowners use more devices, more appliances, and more electricity. We are adding finished basements, saunas, pools, electric vehicle charging stations, outdoor kitchens/appliances, and other large electrical items. In many homes, a 150 amp or even 200 amp panel isn’t enough power to handle the requirements of these power-hungry additions.

Overloaded panels can lead to house fires or damage to electrical existing devices.  We find most homes built after the 80s have sufficient electrical capacity to accommodate adding a Level 2 charger.  However, many time the panel is completely full of existing circuit breakers and/ or is at its peak capacity.

  As an experienced electrical charger installer with over three hundred install, we have a proven process to efficiently determine a specific clients needs and estimate the job accordingly. Our quoting process reviews:

  • Specific requirements of the make and model of the vehicle
  • The existing building’s  existing electrical infrastructure (service, meter, panel, and wiring)  can accommodate the increased power requirements. 
  • Perform a Load Assessment of the home’s existing loads and usage and compares against the available power servicing the home
  • Determine the required effort to run a dedicated 240v circuit from the panel to the chargers desired location
  • Provide a recommended job description and Estimate





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