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Tesla Home Charging Solutions

If you’re looking for an experienced professional to install a Tesla Wall Connector or NEMA 14-50 outlet for home charging you’ve come to the right place. Our licensed and insured electricians have installed Tesla charging solutions in homes throughout the iTrust Home Services service area.

As these fully electric vehicles become more popular, more and more people are considering purchasing a Tesla of their own. Whether you’re still researching your options, or just need a home charging solution for your new Model X, here are a few things you should know about charging your Tesla at home.


Know your Tesla Charging Options:

Why Use a Home Charger?

With the wide availability of Superchargers in some areas, it’s reasonable to question if a home charger is even necessary. For convenience, reliability, and energy savings, however, charging at home is always the best choice. In fact, Tesla recommends plugging in every evening to top off the battery.  Using Tesla home charging equipment to charge overnight means that you’ll always have a fresh charge to start your day. Also, many energy companies even offer incentives for overnight home charging.


Charging Speed Matters

When you’re used to spending 5 minutes refueling at the pump, the time it takes to charge a Tesla can be a bit of a shock. This is especially true if you’re planning to use a 120V adapter plugged into a standard garage outlet, which provides about 3 miles of range for every hour of charge time. This means that a full night’s charge might not even be enough for your morning commute. Tesla home charging connectors significantly increase the charging speed to about 30-45 miles of range per charging hour, allowing you to easily top off the battery each night.



Wall Connector or Mobile Connector: Which is best?

In order to ensure that you’ll always be able to charge your vehicle, it’s important to keep a Tesla Mobile Connector in your car at all times.
While many Tesla owners use the Mobile Connector for all of their charging needs, some customers find the Wall Connector is more convenient for daily use. If regularly dealing with mobile connector cables and adapters feels like too much of a hassle, consider installing a Tesla Wall Connector or purchasing a second Mobile connector set to keep at home base. 


You May Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Service or Panel


Depending on your current service, control panel size, and electricity usage, you may need to upgrade your electrical system before installing a home charging solution for your Tesla. If you’re in a new home with 400 amp service and average electric usage, adding a Tesla home charging solution is fairly straightforward. But if you’re living in an older home, or are already maxing out the capacity of your service or control panel, overburdening your electrical system can cause equipment damage and even spark electrical fires.


If you think you may be due for a panel or electrical service upgrade, be sure to reach out to a qualified electrician. If you’re in the iTrust Home Services service area and are able to send us an email with photos of your exterior electrical meter, circuit panel with breakers, and the inside of the panel door, we can typically provide a virtual quote; if needed, a free in-person quote is also available.


Electrical Codes and Regulations are Location-Specific


The city and county you reside in, along with the type of residence you call home can have a huge impact on how you’re able to charge your Tesla. Whether you rent or own is another important factor, as renters will need to obtain authorization from the owner before electrical install. Type of parking, HOA regulations, and current panel capacity are also elements that will affect the type of charger you’ll be able to use.


A qualified electrician with experience installing Tesla chargers can help you find the best charging solution for your needs. At iTrust Home Services, our technicians have installed Tesla charging equipment in a wide variety of  homes throughout our service area. If you’re interested in having a Tesla charger installed but aren’t sure what would be the best fit for your situation, we’re happy to help. Simply fill out this brief questionnaire so we have the details required to fully address your needs.


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