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Electrical and Lighting for Horse Farms and Equestrian Arenas

LED Lighting for Riding Arenas and Horse FarmsMilton, Alpharetta, Cumming and the adjacent areas are well known for their beautiful estates and horse farms.  Contact iTrust’s Electrical and Lighting team to see how they can assist your with all you electrical and lighting needs.


Whether you’re building a new equine facility or updating your existing structure, iTRUST has everything you need to keep your riding arena, stable or barn, safe and brightly lit. LEDs are an ideal alternative to metal halides and high-pressure discharge lamps as they are much more efficient. Although the watt to lumen ratio looks comparable across the board at first, LED lights are much more directional in natural, so they don’t require the bulky reflectors that other fixtures do. Once aimed, more of their emitted light reaches the competition area. It results in a boost in the lumen to watt ratio. LEDs are also much more durable than other fixtures and hold onto their output level even as they age. Metal halides may be listed for 10,000 hours. They will only emit a fraction of their listed output by the time they reach the end of their life. LEDs, though, will retain almost all of their output for 50,000 hours or more.

Additionally, LEDs cost have rapidly declined over the years similar to all chip based electronics. LED’s extended performance, declining cost, variety of color choices and output make them a superior lighting solution. Lighting an arena for competitions doesn’t have to involve guesswork. With the assistance of an iTRUST experienced master electrician, your arena can quickly be made available around the clock and for any level of competition.


Our team can also recommend and install automatic, smart lighting and gate controls to provide you with secure, intelligent, easy-to-use controls that conserve energy and  do what you need, when you need it.  We offer a full range of trenching, wire burial, post setting and maintenance services.   For the  technology forward farms, we offer outdoor WIFI coverage and High Definition surveillance camera solutions.


Don’t miss your favorite event or game while working in the barn or taking care of  animals.  iTrust AV has outdoor TVs, and Audio solutions to meet any clients needs from small stable to the entire farm.  Additionally, we sell and install outdoor projectors, screens, and sound equipment to support large events and competitions.





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