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Why Apple Homekit®?​

The benefits of a smart home system through Apple are unparalleled in terms of security, usability and ubiquity.   Over 95% of our clients use an iPhone as their primary communication device.  It only make sense that we start with  devices that are key to our clients daily lives.  Additionally, the Apple Home app that come on every new iphone is a very powerful way to consolidate best in breed home automation, security and Audio/Visual solutions that are simple to use.

Benefits of Apple Homekit®

UnityAll Home features can be controlled through one home application. Over 50 major worldwide brands have committed to integrating with the Apple Homekit® network. ​For a full list of compatible Homekit accessories, follow this link.

Simplicity- With the Home app, users can easily and securely control all HomeKit accessories. Ask Siri to turn off the lights or see who’s at the front door from your phone. Control devices remotely with an Apple TV. Tell your new HomePod speaker to turn up the music. The Home app makes connected devices work harder and smarter. Apple TV, HomePod, and iPad additionally enable homes to carry out certain tasks automatically. For example, trigger accessories or scenes based on the time of day, the location of family members, sensor detection, and more.

Security-​  Users don’t want a Sky-Net situation with hackers or “big brother” using their technology against them. Security has been a focus for Apple since HomeKit launched. In general, Apple Homekit® refers to a set of software protocols for Apple‘s iOS devices. Those protocols enable users to control compatible smart home gadgets using a standardized tool box of sorts, apps and Siri commands on an iPhone or iPad. HomeKit data is tied to a designated iCloud account, which never uses a default password.

Constant Connectivity- Through the Home app, the settings of almost all home features can be adjusted, no matter how far away the user is.  All smart Homekit accessories can be accessed remotely with Apple TV, smart phones, HomePod, or iPad.

Serendipity- Playing around with Siri™and controlling all sorts of cool gadgets with voice commands and quick taps of a smart phone is just too much fun! Ask Siri to take a selfie, to FaceTime your friends, or to play the number one song on the Billboard charts. For a full list of Siri’s functions, follow this link.





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